805 Families

805 Families,

It appears that almost all the local High Schools WILL NOT BE having a fall/winter baseball program as they have in the past years. After speaking with several coaches in the So Cal area it appears many of them will be playing well into November as their families are in the same situation with their high school programs. Having said that, I am proposing we extend the fall program another 4 weeks.  Personally, I do not believe it’s a good idea for my 2 sons not to be playing baseball during this period, EVERYONE should be preparing for the upcoming  high School tryouts that are approximately 45 days away in Mid-December!


This is also the case for our 14U team!  We can extend this program also. I would prefer to change the game format from  DH’s to one (1) 9 inning game every weekend that starts by 10:00 AM. Weekly practice schedule would stay the same with this group also.


We will continue our relationship with Ventura College for weekly practices and play our games as close to home as possible. ( VC?)


The additional fee to extend the fall program 4 weeks is $375.00. ( game fees/umpires/coaches/practice facilities.)


I have put a pay pal link on the web site for your convenience. Call me to discuss anything you might want to talk about like conflicting sports schedules or other issues regarding your sons participation.

You can pay via PayPal by clicking Add to Cart below – $375